Recruiter B2C Chat

Chat to candidates in their apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter using MS Teams or Slack. 

Avoid the confusion of chatting in multiple messaging solutions to your candidates by simple extended MS Teams or Slack to the chat apps on their phones.

B2C Chat
Whatsapp Team Inbox

Our Solution

Our unique solution brings all external chats into MS Teams or Slack Or wherever you want.


  • Easily plug into Teams/Slack to provide omnichannel chat
  • Bring external chat under IT control
  • Easy, familiar UI for recruiters
  • Route chats anywhere in the organisation
  • Deploy any vendor’s bot for triage, routing, information
  • Full compliance with existing current IT internal standards for Teams/Slack

get started

The Captivate Hub Freemium offer. Unlimited use of all The Hub features for two weeks then permanent Freemium of up to 300 messages a month.

Recruiters B2C Chat

Our Recruiter B2C Chat product is based on our Captivate Hub middleware which means it is easily expandable to any channel, chatbot and live chat solution.