Estate Agents / Realtors

Chat to vendors and buyers in their apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter using MS Teams or Slack.

Estate Agent / Realtor Chat

Better Compliance, More Convenience, and Lower Cost



  • Easily plug into Teams/Slack to provide omnichannel
  • Bring external chat under IT control
  • Easy, familiar UI
  • Route chats anywhere in the organisation
  • Deploy any vendor’s chatbot for triage, routing, information
  • Full compliance with existing current IT internal standards for Teams/Slack

get started

The Captivate Hub Freemium offer. Unlimited use of all The Hub features for two weeks then permanent Freemium of up to 300 messages a month.

Captivate Hub Solution

Our Estate Agent / Realtor B2C Chat product is based on our Captivate Hub middleware which means it is easily expandable to any channel, chatbot and live chat solution.